September 25, 2012

Why You Need A Video Marketing Strategy In YouTube

The online world has come a long way. Most of us used to be just an audience on telivision, watching tv shows and news stories prepared by journalists, film crews, etc. But that has changed dramatically with the worldwide popularity of the internet and the recent rise of video viewing in the internet. Most likely, nobody saw it coming that YouTube will become the second (2nd) largest search engine in the world, next to Google, which both, by the way is own by Google! Maybe in the beginning, YouTube was not originally intended as a search engine when they first come up of the idea, but YouTube definitely evolves into one because of the diversity of contents that are uploaded every single day into their system, and the huge amount of information in a wide variety of topics that that is available to the public across the globe. 

For many people, videos are far more entertaining and engaging than reading textbooks trying to learn something, new things, etc. In contrary to reading a big text book, by watching videos we can possibly absorb more information at such a short time because of the way information is being presented to its audience, by visual and sounds, which helps our minds retains information in our brains quicker because many of us are visual creatures and we can related images and sound with the information that is being delivered, making it a lot easier to remember and learn things.

Aside from the effective approach of videos to give your message across, the huge advantage of using video as a means of marketing your brand or company is that it is were the traffic is, especially in YouTube. The numbers of users have grown tremendously in such a short period of time, and it is just getting started. With the smartphones capability to be able to view quality videos nowadays and the huge demographic of people using smartphones, its only going to rise up the popularity of videos. 

And if your business use this statistics as your marketing advantage and get your message out to as many people as possible, having a video marketing strategy is probably a great investment to potentially grow your brand and your business. With YouTube, the viewers are there, and if you are not in YouTube, you are probably missing out on some good traffic that may help you and your business go up to the next level that you want your business to be. 

The opportunity is there for the taking, at the end of the day, it's all up to you if you take the opportunity or let it pass you by. What could be worse that could happen? Your competition is taking the opportunity, and you are not, and you are left behind.. Remember, you will not be seen in a room, that you choose not to be there, in order for people to see you, you need to be there and take your chances. 

It can take time, resources and some budget (or little budget) to come up with a video to put your presence in YouTube, and to start, you might need to invest in some internet marketing strategies and budget to make your video visible to as many people as possible especially in the beginning if you want to gain popularity faster. With a great video that could possibly go viral, the audience will definitely do the spreading for you, because when they like a video or when it catches their attention,  they will share it with their friends and family, gaining you more audience and viewers.

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June 15, 2012

Exploring Google Drive

Few months ago (around April 2012), Google recently introduced Google Drive, which allows you to store data in the Cloud. Google Drive is a method or a means of storing your digital files in the Cloud (up there) so that you have ways of accessing your digital data pretty much everywhere without physically carrying your hard disk or storage memory wherever you go.

Here is a quick introduction to what you can actually do with Google Drive:

One major advantage of Google Drive is that you can access you digital files (documents, images, photos) anywhere, everywhere. It is also great to use as a backup system of all your digital files incase something ever happen to your computer drive and all your precious data will be gone. Having a backup files with Google Drive, you can easily access them at anytime should you need it to retrieve your data.

Using Google Drive should not be difficult since most of us are familiar working with Windows navigation, dragging and dropping files from one folder to another.

Here is a short explanation of how Google Drive works:

You might still be able to get a limited drive space for free with Google Drive, but if you want to upgrade to bigger memory size you should be able to upgrade depending on your need and budget.

Here is a video review about Google Drive:

Read more about Google Drive here.

June 9, 2012

Social Media Whirlwind

It appears that social media is the wave of the future. It come a long way, it started with connecting personally with just family and friends, and then it evolves into something so much bigger, nowadays its essential for businesses and companies to have a social media front inorder for them to connect with their customers. Why not? When thats where majority of their customers are, and they can connect with their customers directly, in a personal level.

Social media gained popularity (in the United States) when MySpace and Friendster came along. In an unpredictable and volatile world of internet, new key players emerged, and Friendster is now focusing more on gaming rather than social media. As of this year 2012, the key players in the world of social media are Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Although, there are a lot more different social media platforms available out there, the five (5) mentioned are the top rankers when it comes to registered users, user engagements, and day to day traffic in their website.

If you have a business, you are probably wondering if you need to be in all social networking sites to effectively market yourself online. Each platform have its strengths and weaknesses. Your customers may or may not be in all five platforms mentioned, you just have to do some research where most of your customers hangout and that depends largely on the type of business you are in. Sometimes, you just have to test the waters to be able to find out which one works the best for your business. There is nothing wrong with being on all five (5) or more social media sites, but you just have to make sure that whenever you are several different platforms that you will actually be able to take the time to engage with your audience, answer comments and questions, remove outdated postings, and add new posts in all of those web sites.

You need to make your social media profile look and feel that you are truly there engaging with your customers and interacting with them because that is what social media is all about, socializing. Many people (including your customers and clients) turn to social networking venues to get hold directly of companies because majority of people nowadays expect that when you run a business, you also have an online presence, its almost like its the new business card minus the paper and the ink. In a business point of view, you need to treat your social media profile as a gateway to your customers, and a means of customer service and interaction. Not answering comments and questions, not monitoring spam posts by others might give your audience the impression that you are not really there and that is not good for your business.

If you feel that you are too busy with your business to truly devote so much time in all social media platforms regularly, pick the ones that are most effective for your business and concentrate on those instead of being on so many at once and you cannot keep up with engagement process which could hurt your business in the process. If you feel that your social media is important but you dont really have time to devote for it, you dont have to do it yourself at all because you can hire a social media marketer or manager to manage your online presence to make sure that your online reputation will remain intact at all times, and your customers and clients will not feel that you just take them for granted when you dont have time to engage or reply to their querries and concerns. But if you have no budget to hire an online manager for all your social networking presence, you can probably set maybe 15 minutes to 30 minutes in a day to attend to your social media profiles like posting new updates, replying to comments, answering questions, if any. And the majority of your hours will be devoted entirely to your busy business schedule. You only need to login to your social media once a day, you dont have to check every single hour for new messages, you dont need to answer the questions posted in a matter of hours or even minutes of them being posted because that strategy can be very time-consuming and before you know it the day is already over and if the pattern continues, you spend less and less time actually doing your business and more on social media which could possibly hurt your bottom line in the long run especially that many believe that several businesses dont really make direct sales using social media, its more like interacting with your existing customers and keep them, and gain new customers.

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May 15, 2012

MLM or Multi-Level Marketing Analysis

MLM or Multi-Level Marketing has been around for decades. MLM is when the founder of the organization or group will sell or offer a product or service to his/her direct referrals or customers and he/she gain commission for such sales. Then his/her direct referrals may recruit new members to join the organization inorder to get commission of the product or service and the founder will also get a commission from his/her referrals' referrals. In other words, the founder being on top of the group heirarchy will receive a commission from all his direct referrals as well as all indirect referrals, who are the referrals that his/her referrals refered. The product that multi-level marketing ventures sell or promote can be anything, from herbal tablets to ebooks.

What I think of MLM or Multi-Level Marketing? I think it is a complete genius only for the person that created it (founder), who is the person that is on top of the list of the heirarchy. It's a genius for the founder because for the most part, he/she doesn't need to work extremely hard to approach people to sell them the product, all his/her referrals and his/her referrals' referrals will be the one doing all the hardwork for him/her. Even if the founder only recruit five (5) people in the beginning, and then these five people recruit three (3) people each, then he/she being at the top of the heirarchy will receive commission to all twenty people (5 + 15 = 20). And if each of the recruited three (3) people will find their own recruits, and so on and so forth, can you imagine the commission that the founder of the MLM is making? And he/she don't even need to do anything anymore, all he/she has to do is go to the beach, buy his/her grande home, and let the people under his/her heirarchy do the hardwork of convincing people to join the MLM and sell the product or service.

That is why I am not a huge fan of MLM because for the most part the people that work hard in the group will not be the ones that will truly benefit the most in this kind of set-up. Most of the product that a MLM sell have similar products available for sale somewhere else without the high prices just to accomodate commission payments for the members that are on top of the heirarchy.

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