March 25, 2008

Branding Using Your Name

There are definitely great advantages of using your name as a brand name, and then eventually use it as a domain name for your company website. One obvious advantage is the branding. Everytime you market your brand, you are marketing yourself. The more you market and expose your brand, the more your name become known and familiar to many. With great exposure of your name as a branding, more and more people will likely become familiar with it, and if you have history of great quality products and/or services, then chances are, people who are familiar with your name/brand will likely try and utilize your new products and services as well.

The only main pitfall of using your name as a branding is that, it will be harder for you to sell your business since you are currently carrying the same name, and if someones else will buy your company or business, then you are more likely to give them the license to use your name as well, if you are selling your business with its current name. Although, the business buyer may change branding or name, but they will have to start from scratch promoting a new brand. When someone will buy your business from you, after purchase, you normally will have less or no longer have any control to the operation and reputation of the company, its operation, and what the company will become. So if you have plan to ever sell your domain name or business later on or in the near future, it would be better if you dont have to sell it with your name as the business name or brand. But if you have no plans to sell your business, then less worry.

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March 1, 2008

Online Business Card That Works Hard

In the offline world, everyone is probably familiar or have seen a business card, one way or the other. Normally a standard business card measures around 2 in x 3.5 in cardboard paper containing your name or business name, contact information, and other data that relates to you or your company.

In the online world, a new way to hand or distribute a business card is EntreCard. Where you will have a space where you can add an image or graphic, a short information regarding your website and what it is all about. And then you will be given a html code that you can post in your site so that other people who already signed up for
Entrecard can drop their Entrecards to yours, to let you know that they were there and you will know where to find them. If you came across any website with EntreCard drop off, then you also have the option to drop off your EntreCard there, so that the site owner will know where to find you.

The great thing about
Entrecard is their point system. You earn point everytime you drop your card. You also earn point when a visitor to your site drops off their card in your EntreCard drop off area. As your points accumulate, you can use these points to buy box ads from other EntreCard owners to invite more traffic to your website. The box ad is your 125x125 EntreCard image which will appear in the EntreCard drop-off area of the particular site where you bought an ad from. Other EntreCard members can also buy ads from you using their points. The more ads you accept to advertise in your website, the more points you earn which in return you can use to buy ads from other EntreCard members. Whatever you do is a win-win-win situation! So why not checkout Entrecard today, to get idea of how it works.

If you are looking to have your EntreCard image
designed and customized, please do not hesitate to contact me too. I do graphics and photos.

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