December 18, 2007

Get Some Traffic To Your Blog

You probably have a very brilliant idea, very interesting articles in your blog, but if you don't have traffic, who would appreciate all the hard work that you work so hard for? I don't think you write and prepare every single post in your blog so that you can read it all by yourself, do you? Like many other bloggers, I am also new to the blogging world, so I am still learning as I go along. But here are few areas things that will help you start fueling your blog engine, get some traffic in your terrific blog, and let the tires rolling and drive: is also a great community of bloggers, where members can submit each of their blog, and if approved by the management, it will have great chances of being seen to many bloggers and readers who are members of the site. Each blog will have a community page, where any member can subscribe and join if they are interested to receive new updates and news regarding your blogs. There is also group discussion where you can discuss topics that you like and get the opinions and thoughts of other bloggers who are interested in the same topic. is a great community of bloggers, where members can submit each of their blogs in one place, create an about me page, and let other bloggers get to know you and know more about the blogs you have. Each of your blog will have a special page where you can add short introduction, add some tags, a space where the the site display the latest feeds of your blog, and where other members can join your blog community and get updated for new postings you have.
NOTE: was discontinued by Yahoo and is no longer available for blog promotions.

Leave Comments. Be genuinely interested in what others have to say, not just yours. Remember, that others have opinions and minds, too. Other peoples views might be different from yours, and you will discover more of these if you read their blogs. If you read other peoples blog, you can genuinely leave feedbacks related to their post. The main rule is, never leave feedback just to advertise your blog, that is spamming, it is not being nice, and they will not visit your blog when you try to advertise your blog in their comment section. Comment section is there so that you can leave comment related to the post at hand, not so you can advertise! If you leave comments, feedback and reactions related to the topic of the post, the blog owner and other readers of the same blog might notice your comment, what you have to say, and click your name to find out more about you and your blog! So the key is, be genuinely sincere in leaving comments related to the post only. Do not post in the comment section something like: Visit my blog at blah blah blah. You are most likely a candidate for being block listed.

Entrecard Submission. Submit your blogs to Entrecard where you can be a part of blogging community and be able to include your blog to their specific categories of blogs. Read more about Entrecard here.
NOTE: was closed later 2012, and is no longer available for blog promotions.

Social Media Postings. With the ever growing popularity of social media these past few years, its definitely one of the main traffic generator for your blogs if you work on getting a lot of followers and grab the opportunity to make your blogs known as well. Read more about social media marketing here.

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December 4, 2007

Reading Level of this Blog

I got this really cool tag from my blogger friend Joy thru my other blog Honestly FRESH. I decided to determine the reading level of this blog as well, and this is the result:

[data removed]

If you would like to test the reading level of your own blog as well, please feel free to grab this tag and test your blog as well and see!
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