December 18, 2007

Get Some Traffic To Your Blog

You probably have a very brilliant idea, very interesting articles in your blog, but if you don't have traffic, who would appreciate all the hard work that you work so hard for? I don't think you write and prepare every single post in your blog so that you can read it all by yourself, do you? Like many other bloggers, I am also new to the blogging world, so I am still learning as I go along. But here are few areas things that will help you start fueling your blog engine, get some traffic in your terrific blog, and let the tires rolling and drive: is also a great community of bloggers, where members can submit each of their blog, and if approved by the management, it will have great chances of being seen to many bloggers and readers who are members of the site. Each blog will have a community page, where any member can subscribe and join if they are interested to receive new updates and news regarding your blogs. There is also group discussion where you can discuss topics that you like and get the opinions and thoughts of other bloggers who are interested in the same topic. is a great community of bloggers, where members can submit each of their blogs in one place, create an about me page, and let other bloggers get to know you and know more about the blogs you have. Each of your blog will have a special page where you can add short introduction, add some tags, a space where the the site display the latest feeds of your blog, and where other members can join your blog community and get updated for new postings you have.
NOTE: was discontinued by Yahoo and is no longer available for blog promotions.

Leave Comments. Be genuinely interested in what others have to say, not just yours. Remember, that others have opinions and minds, too. Other peoples views might be different from yours, and you will discover more of these if you read their blogs. If you read other peoples blog, you can genuinely leave feedbacks related to their post. The main rule is, never leave feedback just to advertise your blog, that is spamming, it is not being nice, and they will not visit your blog when you try to advertise your blog in their comment section. Comment section is there so that you can leave comment related to the post at hand, not so you can advertise! If you leave comments, feedback and reactions related to the topic of the post, the blog owner and other readers of the same blog might notice your comment, what you have to say, and click your name to find out more about you and your blog! So the key is, be genuinely sincere in leaving comments related to the post only. Do not post in the comment section something like: Visit my blog at blah blah blah. You are most likely a candidate for being block listed.

Entrecard Submission. Submit your blogs to Entrecard where you can be a part of blogging community and be able to include your blog to their specific categories of blogs. Read more about Entrecard here.
NOTE: was closed later 2012, and is no longer available for blog promotions.

Social Media Postings. With the ever growing popularity of social media these past few years, its definitely one of the main traffic generator for your blogs if you work on getting a lot of followers and grab the opportunity to make your blogs known as well. Read more about social media marketing here.

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December 4, 2007

Reading Level of this Blog

I got this really cool tag from my blogger friend Joy thru my other blog Honestly FRESH. I decided to determine the reading level of this blog as well, and this is the result:

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If you would like to test the reading level of your own blog as well, please feel free to grab this tag and test your blog as well and see!

November 20, 2007

Ways to monetize your blog

You heard it right, make money while you blog! There are several ways that you can possibly monetize your blogs:

PAY PER CLICK - One of the most popular Pay-Per-Click advertising today is Google AdSense. All you have to do is apply with Google for a Google AdSense account and once you have a valid account, you can start posting Google ads in your websites or blogs, and every time your site/blog visitor will click on the Google ad, you will be paid accordingly thru your Google account. The best thing about this type of advertising is that you can fully customize the look and feel of the ads to make it look like it is really part of the site. It is a target advertising, which the ads that will be displayed in your account will be based on the topics contained in your site, this way, your visitors are more likely to click the ads because the ads are related to the topic of your site which is a topic that draws them to your site in the first place.

PAY PER POST - mainly for blogging and is becoming a very popular means to make money out of your blogs. Although, not all blogs and/or will be qualified for this, you need to meet the minimum criteria of the PayPerPost companies to have your blog get accepted. Many Par Per Post companies will require that your blog must be active, fresh, and running for months. But once you passed the application process, you can start earning money by blogging about the companies products and/or services. Usually, you will be paid per post. Pay Per Post companies will have clients known as the advertisers who are willing to pay cash to bloggers who can talk/blog about their product/service. These advertisers are willing to pay because they got marketing gain in return.

AFFILIATE PROGRAMS - there are endless of affiliate program that you can apply and join. Most online companies have affiliate programs to help promote their products and services. In most cases, the company will provide data like approved banners and text advertising that you can utilized and post in your websites and/or blogs. Each affiliate program is unique, depending on the companies rules and terms. There are some affiliate program that give you a certain percentage of the sale if you lead your site visitor to their site and make a purchase or avail a service. Other program will pay you for the leads. It works best if you know your audience and you sign up for affiliate programs that are of interests to your audience. For example, if your audience are mostly males, it might be best to sign up for programs like machinery or related topics to your site so that you have better chances of successful leads and click-through.

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November 13, 2007

Is blogging for you?

Blogging is more like a diary, a daily journal, to write an article or a post daily or every other day. You can basically write about anything, your stories, your knowledge, your business, your skills, your experiences, your expertise to name a few. But blogging takes time, a time to write and post something in your blog to keep your audience up-to-date with the topic related to your blog. The question is, do you have time? Are you willing to spend several minutes or an hour or two of your time almost everyday to blog? This is what blogging is all about, taking time to gather your brain and write something for anyone to read and be willing to share that information to almost anyone!

When you blog, you need to be current, up-to-date, and post as much postings every month to encourage your readers to come back. To help you get motivated to write as frequent as you can, you need to have some good knowledge and some skills related to the topic that you are focusing on your blog. Some peoples motivation for blogging is making extra cash, other is to help change the world, others want to promote themselves and/or their business, while others just want to share their life stories, their life.

So the answer to the question: Is blogging for you? Relies solely in each one of us, whether you have time to write, whether you are willing to share your knowledge and stories with your readers, or whether you are motivated enought to try to make money out of blogging, or just you have plenty of time to enjoy writing about your passions.

Anyone can blog, its just a questions of what to blog and if you have the time to write posts for your blog everyday or twice a week?

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October 29, 2007

Avoid getting ripped off online

One of the most popular and widely used marketplace online is eBay, utilized by millions of people internationally. Unfortunately, where there are huge number of people in one place, there are also bigger chances of encountering with scammers. There many different stories of people who got ripped off by other members on eBay either as a buyer or as a seller. But there are ways to minimize your chances of being victimized by these scammers.

Here are some tips you might want to try:

Always check member feedback. Ebay provides feedback system as an aide to help tell the reputation of each eBay member. More positive feedbacks given by more fellow members means that such member have history of great, pleasant transactions with other members and is more likely the right eBayer that you want to buy from or sell to. Negative feedbacks says it all, negative, take it as a warning for you. More negative means more warnings for you. If an eBay member have zero feedback, be more guarded and cautious as well.

Too good to be true. Some deals might be too nice to believe. Trust your instinct. Most reliable eBay sellers are not selling on eBay because they feel like they need to give away like a Santa Claus. One way or another, many people try to make some bucks as supplementray income for their family. So if you feel like you are getting such a deal, too good to be true deals, ask the question why? If an item is worth $100 in stores, and you are getting the product for $5, do you think its for real? Do you think the seller will be reliable, worth dealing with?

If in doubt, ask! If seller provides any unclear description, unclear photos, ask seller for clarifications or verifications. That way you will not be assuming and guessing. If you are buying used item, ask seller if there are any flaws or damages to the item, specially if the description seems short and sound shady and incomplete. Conditions that says excellent, great, good, fair, mint tell you something about the actual condition in general about the product, not specifics. So if specific description is not indicated like why is it fair not excellent? Ask the seller before you bid or buy.

For eBay sellers, its always a great idea to require clearing period for any Money Order or Personal Check payments prior to shipment of any orders to make sure that such payment is not fake check or not be cancelled. Since such process will affect the delivery time, make sure that you mentioned the clearing period in your descriptions, specify days like 8-10 work days.

For eBay sellers, having a confirmation or tracking number for any items being shipped will basically tell the seller if the buyer received the item or not. Its also always good to know if the packages are successfully shipped that way.

If you are receiving emails from eBay, make sure that it really originated from eBay site. If you are not sure, you can also login to eBay site directly and use the MyEbay > Messages instead, where all real eBay messages are also sent.

So if you follow some of the tips mentioned above, you minimized your chances of being a scam victim. Remember, its always good to trust your gut feeling, be cautious and be observant.

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October 19, 2007

Towards A Successful eBay Business

Making it on eBay is very possible. In my opinion, eBay have changed the way the world do business and trading, its has become a global phenomenom. There are probably millions of users everyday that shop on eBay all over the globe. So if you are a business inclined individual and want to tap in this huge marketplace, its always wise to consider listing on eBay for the possibility of being seen by a huge numbers of global audience.

Having a business on eBay is very promising but at the same time it is also very tricky and very challenging. Just as there are lots of buyers on eBay, there are also a lot of sellers, so expect rough, tough, and high competitions so you wont get disappointed and break right away. But if you have found great product that is in high demand, and there are not a lot of eBay sellers competing with you, then you will really have a great chance of making it big.

But basing on my eBay experience both as a seller and a buyer, listing on eBay is NOT just all about having the product to sell. There are other several factors that make or break the deal. As simple as days of the week, timings, photos, listing categories, product prices, product descriptions, feedback score, customer service, and more are all critical factors that definitely affect and highly contribute for the success or failure of your eBay businesses. So I would highly suggest you provide clear, close-up photos of your products, provide honest and correct description of your products, never lie because they will get you in the feedback anyways. Your eBay feedback is very important to your reputation specially if you are an Ebay seller. A lot of ebayers visit the feedback history of a member prior to buying/selling to make sure that they are dealing with a reliable, and honest person. So if there are flaws, tear, breaks or damage in your products, make sure that you will mention these in your item description as well, and possibly provide photos of these flaws too. When prospect buyers ask questions regarding your products, try your best to answer their questions before the listing or auction ends, that way they will feel assured that you are really there, you are within reach, and it will also help develop buyer trust confidence to buy from you. It is also very important to list your products at the proper times of day, proper day of the week, and proper month of the year. There are not a lot of people shopping for Halloween stuff in the month of January or February because most people are busy shopping gifts and decors for Valentines Day. Listing your product on the right category also affects the exposures of your products. There are several categories on eBay, each category is unique, some categories have a lot of sellers, some have few sellers. If the product you are selling have several competing sellers, meaning there are more listings in such category then your product exposures will lessen and get buried right away, so try to consider availing some eBay listing upgrades like bold text, thumbnails, box ads, gallery.

So if you want your business to make it big on eBay, it sure is very possible, but it will surely take to have the right product and lots of works and efforts from you.

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October 14, 2007

Winning eBay Auctions

There is nothing as frustrating as wanting so badly something you found on eBay, bidding on it, and found out that you lost the auction. Based on my eBay experience as a buyer or bidder, here are some of my tricks to make sure I have bigger chances of winning the item I want:

Bid on an item and then also place your maximum bid, so that eBay program will automatically increment your bid for you if someone else is bidding on the same item. Mostly bidders set their maximum bid according to how much maximum price you are willing to pay for the item.

Turn on your outbid message alert in your MyeBay preferences. Bid on the item that you want the moment you see it, and if other eBayers will bid on the same item, eBay program will automatically notify you by your eBay email address that you been outbid, that way, you can place another bid.

Sign-in to messenger alert that is incorporated with eBay website, so that you will be notified by eBay thru your messenger if you been outbid or not.

Some auctions are listed as dutch auctions, where the seller have several similar items available and the seller is listing them as one single auction with multiple availability. Example of a dutch auction is a seller list an auction as dutch with 10 pieces available, if you bid on such auction listing, you will have 10 chances of getting a winning bid because all top 10 bidders of such auction listing will ended up winning one (1) piece of item.
Turn on your second chance offer setting in MyeBay preferences, so that if all tips above fails and you still didnt win the auction and you have decent maximum bid, the seller will possibly offer you a second chance offer if they have the extra available items. A second chance offer is an optional way provided by ebay that a seller can choose to offer to those who bid the item but didnt win. Second Chance offer price will be based on your maximum bid of the item you didnt win. Seller have the choice who she/he want to offer the second chance among the non-winning bidders, your chances to get this offer is bigger if you have decent maximum bid.

Good luck on your treasure hunting on eBay!
DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with eBay in anyway, this article is based on my opinion and experience related to the topic.
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May 1, 2007

Selling on eBay

Selling on eBay can possibly be a very rewarding experience financially because of the huge international audience that eBay can provide to its users. But as easy as it sounds, there are several challenges and factors to consider to be a successful eBay seller. Basing on my eBay experience as both a buyer and seller, having a product to sell on eBay is not enough. There are other several factors that you need to consider to be a successful ebay seller.

There are millions and millions of eBay users worldwide. These millions include both buyers and sellers. Chances are, if you are planning to sell on eBay, you have competetions. When you are competing with other sellers, dont forget to consider how low can you go in your prices and actually make some profit after cost. More sellers than buyers in a particular product type may mean that you need to adjust your prices lower to compete with other sellers and make a sale. But the question is, how low can you go and still make a profit after cost?

eBay provides several product categories. To improve your chances of being seen by the right audience, try to list your products in the proper category. If you are selling auto parts, I dont think it is wise to place your listing in the jewelry category because buyers who visit the jewelry categories are mostly ladies and they are not the likely audience that would usually buy auto parts.

Timing is everything. Know when the proper timing to list your items. Know when is the perfect timing to list your product with best chances of being seen by more potential buyers. Try not to list your halloween products during the months of January and February because most people are busy shopping gifts and products related to Valentines Day. There might be some few collectors that will actually buy during off-season, but if you want more traffic in your listings, get the proper timing. Its also important to consider the best time of day, best day of the week, and best month of the year.

Provide accurate and clear photos of your products because these are the only basis that your potential customers can see your products. Your photos will be a major deciding factor that could make or break the sale. If you provide blurr photos, some buyers might suspect that you are hiding something. Besides, buyers dont just spend their money in something like a mystery or something they are not so sure what they are getting.

Provide honest and accurate item descriptions. If there are flaws, imperfections or damage in your product, never fail to mention it in your listings. Buyers have the right to know these stuff, so if possible, provide clear photos of these flaws as well, or atleast describe the flaw in your listing. Let your buyers know the condition of the item that they will be paying for. Besides, if you are not honest, dishonesty will most likely show in your feedback.

Maintain great feedback score. Many ebayers check the feedback history of each member before they attempt to buy and sell because many ebayers need to know who they are dealing with online. They want to know the history of your previous transactions to be able to decide if you are a reliable and trusthworthy seller. And your eBay feedback will be the one that helps other ebayers to know your reputation.

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with eBay in anyway, this article is based on my opinion and experience related to the topic.

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March 1, 2007

Can a personal website be lucrative?

I define a personal website as personal not business. Meaning no products to sell, no services to offer online.

But even if you dont have a product to sell or services to offer online, personal website can still be very lucrative investment for yourself depending on the contents of your website. If the content of your website is about yourself, your bio, and what you do and your profession, its obvious that no one can buy anything from there, but it can still possibly be lucrative because you are promoting yourself and your capabilities, and could possibly get you a lot of great transactions and dealings offline by knowing you a little bit more thru your personal website. The more people trust and know you, the more likely they will feel confident to transact with you offline making your personal website a worthwhile and lucrative investment.

Personal websites like personal blogs and talking about your hobbies and interest also allows you to generate revenue and make money online. Some ways to earn revenue in your website is thru banner ads from affiliate programs, pay-per-click advertisings, or website space advertisings in your website. And if you have really good online traffics, then the advertising could really make it lucrative and generate revenue.

How lucrative your personal website can be, will solely depends on how popular your personal website is. It will surely helps to market your personal website online to generate more traffic.
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Guide to better website design

To build a good website, you need to determine first what are your goals and what you want to achieve with your website. Some of the most common goals of having a website is to make your website visitors stay longer, to convey the message that you want to relay your audience, to make the visitor successfully complete a transaction, a purchase, or whatever your site offers. There are several factors that needs consideration that may help achieve your website goals:

EASY NAVIGATION. Make your website easy to navigate. Provide easy-to-see, and accessible menus containing links to other subpages of your website. Try to be consistent with your website format in all pages, so that they will have a feel of the same format all throughout.

EASY TO LOAD. Graphics are pretty, colorful, and cool, but they also take more time to download online. If you use too many photos in one page, or too big size photos in one page, it may cause a major delay in downloading your whole page. A lot of readers dont have the patience to wait that long, and you dont want them to leave your site because you put too much graphics. To prevent that from happening, try to optimized your photos for web usage. Use thumbnail photos with links to bigger version of each photo if your site visitor want to view the bigger version.

UPDATED CONTENTS. Make your content fresh, new, and up-to-date. When somebody will visit your website, make them feel like you just added content a minute ago. You dont want your visitors to find out that your Latest News articles is dated years ago.

MAKE IT SIMPLE. Instead of putting all your contents in one page that may possibly overwhelm and confuse your readers, try to split the topics and make sub pages. Focus on one topic per page instead of talking and merging everything all in one page.

AVOID HORIZONTAL SCROLLING. Too much width in your page that requires horizontal scrolling is usually very frustrating specially if the visitor needs to scroll down as well. It would feel like your website page is all over, scroll sideways, scroll down..

READABLE FONTS. Use easy to read type fonts and easy to read size fonts. Most common use font size is around 10-12. Size 6-8 might be too small for reading messages. Size 14-16 might be too big. Your goal is to be able to covey your message to your visitors, so right size and fonts may affect your website visitors decision to leave or stay and or continue reading depends on how patience they cab be. Try to consider that not a lot of people know how to adjust the font size in their monitor, or other may know how to change font setting but do they really want to change setting temporarily just to read one website then change back after to read other website?

Web design is like carving a pumpkin, you need to plan ahead, determine your design in advance, determine and figure out everything before you start doing it (carving or coding).
Hope the tips above helps and good luck!

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Making your first website

Ways to create your personal web page:

1. Create the website yourself with HTML coding. HTML mean HyperText Markup Language, is the main language of website coding. To use this the basic coding method, you need HTML knowledge. With your HTML knowledge, there are several HTML editors to help you aide your web design process, or if you dont have these fancy editors in hand, you can also use the regular notepad that is usually available with most computer software package.

2. Create the website yourself using WYSIWYG editors. This method is more simpler and user-friendly than doing it by HTML coding. With this method, you dont need to do the coding by hand. The WYSIWYG which stands for What-You-See-Is-What-Your-Get are mostly click-and-drag software that allows you to create the website without HTML coding knowledge. I think this method may be easier to do but much harder if you want to fully customized your website look and feel.

3. Create the website using pre-created templates. There are several types of website templates available, some complex, some simple designs. Most templates are priced based usually on the quality of the designs. If you use templates t create your website, you need basic computer knowledge to be able to edit the contents of the templates and make it your own. You generally dont have to worry about doing the physical appearance of the website at all, just edit the texts according to what you want to put in there. Although there are complex and more advance templates that requires HTML knowledge to edit. Most templates are royalty-free so expect many the same similar website designs live online, because others may possibly buying the same template from the same source. Its harder to fully customized a template specially if you want to make some physical changes on the overall look and feel of your website.

4. Create the website by hiring a Website Designer. If you dont want to be bothered by the complexities and lack of knowledge in website designing, there are Website Designer that are available to do the work for you for a fee. Fees varies mostly on how customized and how complex you want your website requirement are. Static website with no e-commerce capability are generally cheaper ranging from $100-$1000+. Dynamic and or e-commerce website can cost you around $400-$6000+, depends on the complexity of your website.

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February 26, 2007

How-To Make Your Website User-Friendly

AVAILABLE NAVIGATION. Arrange your site in a way that your users will be able to navigate your site easily. Provide a menu in the same location in all your web pages so that users can go back or proceed to another page easily. If you send your readers to a detailed page of your article, make sure the detailed page will have a menu that goes back to your homepage, or other links of your website.

SIZE MATTERS. Make your font size readable. Usually font size 10-12 is the most comfortable size for many people. Having fonts too small easily scare your viewers away, if they cannot read your site, what is the point? Remember that not everyone knows how to change font settings, so always use the friendly-size fonts. Fonts too big, is just as frustrating as fonts too small. Big fonts, you will have a hard time finishing reading an article, because you can only see so much words at a time in the monitor.

CONTENTS MATTER. Keep your contents up-to-date. If you make an update in your site and know that you cannot update your site daily, monthly, I would highly suggest not put information like: last updated Jan 2004, when its already 2007. News are usually up-to-date, if a user will go to your site and the latest news you have is 2 years old, then it might be a sign that your site is not maintain.

OPTIMIZE GRAPHICS. Graphics are cool, but they also take more time to download online, and could create frustration among users that could prompt them to leave your site. Make sure that your graphics are web-friendly, have it fully optimized for short time download. Provide thumbnails of your photos and if users want to view bigger version, they can click individual photo to view the bigger version. That way, no big photos will need to be download in one single page.

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Introduction to Web Hosting

Web Hosting is the ability to store your digital data into a virtual memory storage like a computer server. A digital data includes but not limited to your saved computer files like photographies, digital documents, music files, movie files, etc. Your laptop or desktop computer have the ability to store all these digital files, so you are probably left with a question, why you need web hosting for?

Many personal computers like laptop and desktop are only accessible by their owners or by members within a company or home network. Although you can still make a website and have it stored in your own personal computer, but the problem is you are the only one who can see it. But if you want the whole world to see your website, you need to store your website files in a data server which is commonly refered as a web hosting.

Choosing the Right Domain Name

Having the right domain name for your website is like having the right tv commercial for your product. In other words, domain name matters. It carries the reputation of your company, business or organization. Domain name is just as important us the contents in your website. Domain name is just as important as a company logo. It carries your business reputation, your brand.

Here are some tips in choosing a domain name for your company, business:

1. If you have a legal business name that people already recognize you for, then it would be the best domain name you can use and register, provided its still available.

2. If you do not have business or company name yet, evaluate the type of products, services or information that you wish to offer online, then come up with different words related to your products, services, information and then choose whichever you think sounds great, words that speaks about what you offer, and words that are easy to remember. Try to come up with several different word combinations, because chances are some of the great sounding domain names you come up with are already taken.

3. Make your domain name as simple and uncomplicated as possible. Make it short, easy to remember, so that people who saw your domain name will be able to type your domain name from their head/memory and not worry about spelling like was it a letter e or i? u or o? The key to great domain name is easy to remember, easy to type. You want your domain name in such away that if you put a billboard advertising on a busy highway with a bunch of cars passing by everyday, drivers and passengers who will be able to read your billboard ads at a glace, will be able to remember your domain name, and will be able type it in their computer when they get home. To me, if the drivers who saw your ad at a glance, can remember your domain name by the time they get home or arrive in the office, then that is a great sign of a great domain name.

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Ways To Make Money Online

FIND A PRODUCT. I believe this is the best money-making venture you can possibly have online. Find a product to sell, sell it online, where you will have a really big chance to make it big. Ive been reading a lot of articles about website owners making millions per year by just their websites alone. What you need is the right product that clicks out there. Finding the right product is the key and will surely be the most challenging part of this venture. If you can think of product where the demand is high but the supply is low, then you might as well think of ways to sell them online because it is the easiest way to reach a wide audience without leaving your home and pay plane tickets to promote your product. Once you come up with a great product, there are several ways to market them online, have your own e-commerce website where people can order from your website, pay you via a merchant account, or money order.

INFORMATION WEBSITE. If you have particular expertise about something, you can possibly make your own website, write about it so that people can read and gather information about it through your website. You can make money using your own website through advertisings. Your website visitors stay and read in your website, researching, gather information, looking around, they see some related pay-per-click ads posted in your website, they click on it. If your site is really becoming very popular, you can even specify locations in your website where companies and other website owners rent and pay you for putting there ads in your website. Many big time websites also offers affiliate programs, where you place there ads into your site, and they pay you according to how many leads you bring from your website to their website.

FREELANCING. I would be interested to do this venture myself. But freelancing will surely requires particular skills like typing, graphics, programming, writing, etc. Companies nowadays often use the internet for search for freelancers and minimize the company cost of getting things done and working. So if you think you have skills and talent that companies need, and can do these type of work on your own without supervision, and can produce the required output, then freelancing is for you. Make companies happy, save them money, you get paid and then it will possibly lead to more works too.

SURVEYS. Its not very promising but based on my experience, there are SOME survey companies that truly pays for surveys. Some survey sites give you points depending on which survey, points are convertible to rewards or cash when you reach their minimum requirement to cash-in. There are also some more technical and specialize survey companies that offers $10 to $100 per survey, but they require highly techical knowledge to even answers any of their questions. If you try surveys, I would suggest you really study and research the company first if they are realiable and legitimate because there are so many scammers around too.

READING EMAILS. Not very promising. Im sure you can find better use of your time than than clicking emails and then get paid just a cent or two that takes so much of your valuable time each day, reading so many emails you are not interested sometimes, you get bored later on, then you will never reach their quota to claim what little bit of amount you accumulated for all those emails that you have read already, then all effort wasted. One email that pays you a cent or two, could easily take 5 to 20 minutes of your time. Do you think you could pay the electricity bill your computer consumes and your internet connection you use by doing it?

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Online Surveys That Pays

Online surveys have been going on for years since the popularity of the internet. You probably heard of it before, online surveys that pays you for your participation. There are infact some survey companies out there that offers online surveys and compensates you for your time and effort either by cash or by points that are convertible to cash, gift certificates, or product rewards. Please check out some of these companies that offers online surveys:

Light Speed Panel - points system convertible to cash. points earned has expiration date
Global Test Market - points system convertible to cash
Click IQ - points system which is redemmable when you reach the minimum points to cash out
Your 2 Cents
Harris Interactive - redemmable points system
View Point Forum
Survey Savvy - cash payment, you will know how much you get before you start the survey
Buzz Back

Note: Im NOT affiliated with any of the survey companies above. I do/did have/had survey experiences and got paid or rewarded for my time and effort by most of the survey companies above. I just want to share incase you want to want to join. Most of the above survey companies require free memberships to be a part of their panelist. Please be aware of scams out there who ask membership fee to join panel memberships, those are mostly scams. Legitimate survey companies require membership application but they do not ask membership fees, they usually compensate you for your time and effort.

Getting Rich

For the vast majority of us who have to start from the ground up, here are possible ways we can possibly get rich:

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Education is a very important power tool to get knowledge. What you know will surely mean more doors will open for you. Nobody was born as business people, as engineers, as doctors, as attorneys. They all sweat, study and work really hard to get where they are. They seeked knowledge, and knowledge gave them the opportunities to be richer.

THINK OUT OF THE BOX. There are billions of different products out there, but there will always hundreds or thousands of new products that come out every year, and others would just sigh, why I never thought of that...Some of your ideas might actually be the new invention of the century. No one else can really make things happen but you. If you believe its something that people could use or buy or need, then you will never really know unless you give it a try. Dont forget to patent your idea, so you will be protected.

BE YOUR OWN BOSS. Having a job and be employed is a great blessing in life. But not a lot of people are earning the big fat salaries. It is a real blessing to have a regular job but if you want to be rich, being employed does not give you a lot of control over how much you can really make a month, a lot of times its a paycheck by paycheck scenario. Most big players out there are the ones that run their own businesses like people who owns restaurants and stores, people who build housing developments and sell units, people who build factories and manufacture their own products and sell it to the world, etc...

FAMILY INHERITANCE. If you have a rich dad or mom, who runs a big time business, then there is a great chance that your parents will hand over their business or fortunes to you. A hand-over chance for you to run and continue what they work so hard for. Im not sure if this can still be considered rags to riches?

RICH IN LOVE. Not everyone on earth measures being rich by how much money you have or how many properties you own or how many businesses you run. There are people who consider themselves very rich and well-blessed because they are happy with love ones, family and friends who love them. So the true definition of richness, how rich you are, will all depends on each and everyone of us. How we define rich, richness will be different among each individuals.
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