July 8, 2013

Great Motivational Videos For Entrepreneurs And Business People

Great collection of motivational videos for you that may inspire and motivate you as an entrepreneur.

Great collection of motivational videos for you that may inspire and motivate you as an entrepreneur.

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May 10, 2013

Exploring Pinterest

Looking Back At Pinterest A Year Ago (2012)

Earlier last year, around January and February 2012 to be exact, I've heard about Pinterest among online marketers and social media gurus mentioning about Pinterest gaining popularity as a great new marketing tool for many online businesses out there. I didn't get curious about it until I stumbled about several times from several different people talking about it. I finally got interested about Pinterest around early March 2012 so I decided to visit the site. To my dismay, during that time period, Pinterest was for invitation-only sign-up process, and I didn't know anybody who could send me an invite at that time because none of my friends and family used Pinterest, but there was a button to request for invitation to be in the waiting list, so I did that, and I got accepted within a week.

Pinterest Compared To Other Social Media

Fast forward almost a year later (January 2013) Pinterest has exponentially grown into a major social media site for a lot of people. More and more users have discovered its advantages and many got hook, and loving it. If you haven't heard of Pinterest, chances are you are/were glued into your Facebook wall and feed stream (?), following your family and friends rants and ramblings about their day to day lives and activities, in which even if you are happy for your friends and families accomplishments, and have this virtual means to be a part of their lives even if they are hundreds or thousands of miles away from you, there are days that it can sometimes make left you feel sad, left out and not feeling good about yourself knowing that people you know did this, did that, he/she been there, than that, and sometimes you feel sorry for yourself when you don't accomplish the same level of good things like your friends and family have accomplished, or you cannot afford to go places like your friends or family have been. Having a means to communicate with your family and friends at the tip of your fingertips is very nice, but somehow the very site that is suppose to make us feel connected and stay in touch with our family and friends, can sometimes make us feel all alone and feel inferior especially when we start comparing our lives with them (others), comparing what they have done, where they have been.. and this is where Pinterest is to the rescue, to look again about the bright side of things, allows you to dream and plan for your future, force you to look at yourself what you like, what you want, your desires, dreams and interests. And the people who will eventually follow you in Pinterest will have a sense of who you (as you) basing on the things/topics that interests you as seen in your boards that you created.

Advantages Of Pinterest

While majority of social media out there chronicle of a person's past and sometimes present like what a person did or doing, where a person has been or is at the moment, what a person was/is feeling, and/or was/is he/she doing at the moment, Pinterest on the other hand is like a window of a person's future, a chronicle of a person's needs and wants/desire today, and the future. Pinterest entice you to dream and plan for your future. Pinterest encourage you to re-affirm your desire to visit places that you always want to go simply because you see all these beautiful photographs of tourists destinations all over the world, and you can particularly add these photos in your boards, the ones that you personally want to go. Pinterest gives you plenty of ideas and tips on how your future home may look like because of the abundance of home interior designs, storage ideas, landscaping inspirations virtually visible everywhere in Pinterest that you can borrow and apply in your future home. You can learn and discover new recipes, and how to cook them. You can learn how to plant this, and that. The possibilities of topics you see in Pinterest are endless including fashion, travel, food, cars, business, animals, etc, and the best part of it all is that you control the topics you want to see in your boards depending on your personal taste, preferences, and interests.

What is Pinterest?

With that said, what exactly is Pinterest? Pinterest is a virtual cork board. Remember those days when you read a magazine or newspaper and see a beautiful photograph of a kitchen, and you clipped it and put it in your cork board? Same goes with Pinterest minus the actual cork board in your wall and the messy paper clippings that are pinned all over your wall! With Pinterest you can create several different virtual boards solely depending on the topics that interest you, and the best part is
that you get to decide on your own what to call each board, you can pretty much be creative with how to name each board that you create, for example, if you create a board about gardening, you can choose to call it garden, gardening, my yard, my backyard, gardeners paradise, etc, it's your choice, really!

Start Pinning And Following People

Now that you have a Pinterest account and created few blank boards to start and named each board that you created by topic, for example, food and recipes, future trips, gardening tips, etc. After that, this is where most people get lost and confused especially when they dont know anybody who use Pinterest, and the big question mark lingering in your head is where can you get photos to put in your boards?! (This is totally true especially when you dont own a website with photos in them.) No worries, you don't have to personally know anybody in Pinterest to start following them and to start pinning photos in their boards to your boards. To give you a head start on pinning, lets say you like Mickey Mouse and you created a board called All About Mickey. To get photos of products and items about Mickey just type-in Mickey Mouse in the Pinterest search box and click search, from there you will find several search results of Mickey Mouse items and products that are already added in Pinterest, if you spot Mickey Mouse item or photo that you like and want to add it in your own board, just mouse-over the photo, and a PIN button will appear, click that PIN button and specify which board in this case All About Mickey board that you created, and there you have it, your first pin! Don't worry too much about not knowing personally the person who owns the board that you just pinned the Mickey Mouse item from, that is the beauty of Pinterest, you can pretty much follow complete strangers' boards, as long as their specific boards are inline with your interests and wants, follow them, or pin away! Better yet, if you see someone's boards that are mostly the same as your interests, you can follow the person, which means you are following all his/her boards, and all this person's new pins will show in your feed regardless of topic, which you have the option to re-pin in your board. You can either follow a person's specific board, or all his/her boards by following the person, and you can do this without feeling like you are stalking somebody, or feeling like you are invading his/her privacy because majority of the photos and graphics that you see in Pinterest are non-intrusive, nothing personal because majority of them are photographs of tangible items like products, foods, animals, plants, places, not potraits of family and friends, not someone's parents or boyfriend/girlfriend.

Maximize The Use Of Pinterest, And Cautions

The beauty about Pinterest is that you don't just see a photo of a delicious food, if you click the link next to the photo, such link will usually lead you to where the photo is originally posted in the internet, and from there you can find the ingredients and the instructions of the delicious food photograph. For the most part, this is the case, you have to be aware of spammers, who pin photos and change the original link, which is not really permitted in Pinterest but there will always be some people that does not follow the rules, and you have to be aware of this so that you prevent yourself from following these spammers who changed the link and the photos link will no longer match the original link where the photo was originally posted.

Many website nowadays provide PIN buttons so that you can add their photo posting to Pinterest, but the general rule of thumb here is always give credit to the source of the photograph, do not edit the link and put your own website link there, that's not nice, and you could be ban doing that. When you see a photograph anywhere in the internet but it does not have a PIN button in it, and you dont own the photograph, I personally would not pin nor add it to Pinterest because that photographed could be copyrighted or protected. The general rule when you pin is to always give credit to the original source of the photograph, dont claim the photograph as your own by editing the source link to put your own site link instead, be a good pinner, always give credit to the source of the photos.

Take Advantage Of Pinterest As A Website Owner

If you have a website or a blog with plenty of your own photographs posted with your posts or articles, maximize your visibility in Pinterest by adding PIN button in each of your articles or posts with photo or graphic. This way, when somebody have a Pinterest account and happen to be in your site and like your article, the chances that they will share (by pinning) your post is high when you have a PIN button provided, otherwise they will think twice if its even okey for them to pin or not when there is no PIN button available. To find the PIN button to add to your site, go to Pinterest.com at the upper right click About > Pin It Button > Goodies , from there follow the instructions to get and produce the html codes you need to copy-and-paste in your web pages. If you haven't heard already, Pinterest is a major traffic generator for many websites and especially blogs nowadays. As a website owner, use Pinterest to your advantage and add PIN buttons to each of your postings with photos in it.

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September 25, 2012

Why You Need A Video Marketing Strategy In YouTube

The online world has come a long way. Most of us used to be just an audience on telivision, watching tv shows and news stories prepared by journalists, film crews, etc. But that has changed dramatically with the worldwide popularity of the internet and the recent rise of video viewing in the internet. Most likely, nobody saw it coming that YouTube will become the second (2nd) largest search engine in the world, next to Google, which both, by the way is own by Google! Maybe in the beginning, YouTube was not originally intended as a search engine when they first come up of the idea, but YouTube definitely evolves into one because of the diversity of contents that are uploaded every single day into their system, and the huge amount of information in a wide variety of topics that that is available to the public across the globe. For many people, videos are far more entertaining and engaging than reading textbooks trying to learn something, new things, etc. In contrary to reading a big text book, by watching videos we can possibly absorb more information at such a short time because of the way information is being presented to its audience, by visual and sounds, which helps our minds retains information in our brains quicker because many of us are visual creatures and we can related images and sound with the information that is being delivered, making it a lot easier to remember and learn things.

Aside from the effective approach of videos to give your message across, the huge advantage of using video as a means of marketing your brand or company is that it is were the traffic is, especially in YouTube. The numbers of users have grown tremendously in such a short period of time, and it is just getting started. With the smartphones capability to be able to view quality videos nowadays and the huge demographic of people using smartphones, its only going to rise up the popularity of videos. And if your business use this statistics as your marketing advantage and get your message out to as many people as possible, having a video marketing strategy is probably a great investment to potentially grow your brand and your business. With YouTube, the viewers are there, and if you are not in YouTube, you are probably missing out on some good traffic that may help you and your business go up to the next level that you want your business to be. The opportunity is there for the taking, at the end of the day, it's all up to you if you take the opportunity or let it pass you by. What could be worse that could happen? Your competition is taking the opportunity, and you are not, and you are left behind.. Remember, you will not be seen in a room, that you choose not to be there, inorder for people to see you, you need to be there and take your chances. It can take time, resources and some budget (or little budget) to come up with a video to put your presence in YouTube, and to start, you might need to invest in some marketing strategies and budget to make your video visible to as many people as possible especially in the beginning if you want to gain popularity faster. With a great video that could possibly go viral, the audience will definitely do the spreading for you, because when they like a video or when it catches their attention,  they will share it with their friends and family, gaining you more audience and viewers.

Here is a great statistic about the growing popularity of YouTube and this might help you have the push that you need to explore the huge advantages and possibilities of having your company or brand have a presence in YouTube:

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June 15, 2012

Exploring Google Drive

Few months ago (around April 2012), Google recently introduced Google Drive, which allows you to store data in the Cloud. Google Drive is a method or a means of storing your digital files in the Cloud (up there) so that you have ways of accessing your digital data pretty much everywhere without physically carrying your a hard disk or storage memory wherever you go.

Here is a quick introduction to what you can actually do with Google Drive:

One major advantage of Google Drive is that you can access you digital files (documents, images, photos) anywhere, everywhere. It is also great to use as a backup system of all your digital files incase something ever happen to your computer drive and all your precious data will be gone. Having a backup files with Google Drive, you can easily access your them at anytime should you need it to retrieve your data.

Using Google Drive should not be difficult since most of us are familiar working with Windows navigation, dragging and dropping files from one folder to another.

Here is a short explanation of how Google Drive works:

You might still be able to get a limited drive space for free with Google Drive, but if you want to upgrade to bigger memory size you should be able to upgrade depending on your need and budget.

Here is a video review about Google Drive:

Read more about Google Drive here.

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June 9, 2012

Social Media Whirlwind

It appears that social media is the wave of the future. It come a long way, it started with connecting personally with just family and friends, and then it evolves into something so much bigger, nowadays its essential for businesses and companies to have a social media front inorder for them to connect with their customers. Why not? When thats where majority of their customers are, and they can connect with their customers directly, in a personal level.

Social media gained popularity (in the United States) when MySpace and Friendster came along. In an unpredictable and volatile world of internet, new key players emerged, and Friendster is now focusing more on gaming rather than social media. As of this year 2012, the key players in the world of social media are Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Although, there are a lot more different social media platforms available out there, the five (5) mentioned are the top rankers when it comes to registered users, user engagements, and day to day traffic in their website.

If you have a business, you are probably wondering if you need to be in all social networking sites to effectively market yourself online. Each platform have its strengths and weaknesses. Your customers may or may not be in all five platforms mentioned, you just have to do some research where most of your customers hangout and that depends largely on the type of business you are in. Sometimes, you just have to test the waters to be able to find out which one works the best for your business. There is nothing wrong with being on all five (5) or more social media sites, but you just have to make sure that whenever you are several different platforms that you will actually be able to take the time to engage with your audience, answer comments and questions, remove outdated postings, and add new posts in all of those web sites.

You need to make your social media profile look and feel that you are truly there engaging with your customers and interacting with them because that is what social media is all about, socializing. Many people (including your customers and clients) turn to social networking venues to get hold directly of companies because majority of people nowadays expect that when you run a business, you also have an online presence, its almost like its the new business card minus the paper and the ink. In a business point of view, you need to treat your social media profile as a gateway to your customers, and a means of customer service and interaction. Not answering comments and questions, not monitoring spam posts by others might give your audience the impression that you are not really there and that is not good for your business.

If you feel that you are too busy with your business to truly devote so much time in all social media platforms regularly, pick the ones that are most effective for your business and concentrate on those instead of being on so many at once and you cannot keep up with engagement process which could hurt your business in the process. If you feel that your social media is important but you dont really have time to devote for it, you dont have to do it yourself at all because you can hire a social media marketer or manager to manage your online presence to make sure that your online reputation will remain intact at all times, and your customers and clients will not feel that you just take them for granted when you dont have time to engage or reply to their querries and concerns. But if you have no budget to hire an online manager for all your social networking presence, you can probably set maybe 15 minutes to 30 minutes in a day to attend to your social media profiles like posting new updates, replying to comments, answering questions, if any. And the majority of your hours will be devoted entirely to your busy business schedule. You only need to login to your social media once a day, you dont have to check every single hour for new messages, you dont need to answer the questions posted in a matter of hours or even minutes of them being posted because that strategy can be very time-consuming and before you know it the day is already over and if the pattern continues, you spend less and less time actually doing your business and more on social media which could possibly hurt your bottom line in the long run especially that many believe that several businesses dont really make direct sales using social media, its more like interacting with your existing customers and keep them, and gain new customers.

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May 15, 2012

MLM or Multi-Level Marketing Analysis

MLM or Multi-Level Marketing has been around for decades. MLM is when the founder of the organization or group will sell or offer a product or service to his/her direct referrals or customers and he/she gain commission for such sales. Then his/her direct referrals may recruit new members to join the organization inorder to get commission of the product or service and the founder will also get a commission from his/her referrals' referrals. In other words, the founder being on top of the group heirarchy will receive a commission from all his direct referrals as well as all indirect referrals, who are the referrals that his/her referrals refered. The product that multi-level marketing ventures sell or promote can be anything, from herbal tablets to ebooks.

What I think of MLM or Multi-Level Marketing? I think it is a complete genius only for the person that created it (founder), who is the person that is on top of the list of the heirarchy. It's a genius for the founder because for the most part, he/she doesn't need to work extremely hard to approach people to sell them the product, all his/her referrals and his/her referrals' referrals will be the one doing all the hardwork for him/her. Even if the founder only recruit five (5) people in the beginning, and then these five people recruit three (3) people each, then he/she being at the top of the heirarchy will receive commission to all twenty people (5 + 15 = 20). And if each of the recruited three (3) people will find their own recruits, and so on and so forth, can you imagine the commission that the founder of the MLM is making? And he/she don't even need to do anything anymore, all he/she has to do is go to the beach, buy his/her grande home, and let the people under his/her heirarchy do the hardwork of convincing people to join the MLM and sell the product or service.

That is why I am not a huge fan of MLM because for the most part the people that work hard in the group will not be the ones that will truly benefit the most in this kind of set-up. Most of the product that a MLM sell have similar products available for sale somewhere else without the high prices just to accomodate commission payments for the members that are on top of the heirarchy.

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August 1, 2010

Advertise Your Blog Or Site With Graphics

If you have a blog or website and would like to advertise it in other websites, I personally think that its more effective when your blog or site have a corresponding unique 125x125 (or other sizes) customized graphic in it instead of just using the generic graphic or text provided. This is basing on my experience when I look for blogs that I wanted to advertise my blogs into, I usually look pass those generic graphics and ended up clicking the blogs with customized 125x125 graphics in them.

Here are some of my 125 pixels x 125 pixels graphics creation for some of my blogs:

If you dont know how to make one, I can create one for you (its not free though), just feel free to message me anytime. JWXR77SSG6XE

Written by Jazevox. All rights reserved.

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October 5, 2008

Online Shopping Advantage

With the all-time high price of gasoline and diesels, most of us are watching our gas consumption very closely. Most of us try our best not to go places unless its necessary, plan the grocery trips to get more items in one visit instead of making multiple trips that are basically flushing the savings away because of the cost of gas that you need to fill your car to get to the store.

The good news is, we have the option to do our shopping online! There are so many online stores that are open 24/7 a week, meaning you can shop whenever you want, at your own time and pace. The great thing about online shopping is that you dont need to use a single gallon in gasoline in your car. Just let your fingers do the clicking of the mouse, and your order will arrive at your door. With online shopping, orders will come to you, and you dont even need to travel to get it.

Online shopping comes very handy specially when you are a busy individual and you have so many task at hand that a trip to the department store and buy yourself new clothes is almost impossible! So take advantage of new technologies and let it work for you. Online shopping has been here for years, been practice by millions and millions of people, and it is here to stay.

Written by Jazevox. All Rights Reserved.

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July 30, 2008

What To Blog About

One of the most common challenge that many bloggers face today is what to post about! Blog used to be some kind of a personal diary, where you write about your daily happenings and experiences with friends and family. But since then, blogging evolves more than that. Nowadays, blogs are being utilized to share things that you know and have adequate knowledge of. YOu can blog about things that you use that work or not work and give people heads up about the products or items. You can use your blog to share your opinions and reviews about anything and everything around you! Blogs are no longer just a personal diary telling everyone what you did from dusk to dawn. Blogs nowadays are more informative and great source of informations and perfect for some to do research about particular things.

So if you are one of those bloggers that are struggling to find what topic to talk about, if you have a general blog, then you can choose among almost limitless topics! But if you have very specific blog, which talk mainly about one thing, for example cars or quilting, then you need to be very passionate about this topic and love dealing with it inorder for you to come up with postings and reviews related to cars or quilting almost on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Depends on how you setup your blog, as general or specific, that will affect what postings you can do. But even if you have very specific topic in your blog, it should be okey to talk something else, which is related to your original topic, just make sure that you will not detour your audience or readers all the time because they might get totally confused completely. So if you write about cooking, talking about grocery shopping or a farmers market is a related topic and it should be okey to insert these topics for your cooking blog.

If you own or maintain your own blog, the great thing about it is that you have the option to get creative and stylish as you can and you can choose whatever topics works for you bests that you are comfortable writing about. A blog is a center stage for you, with the world as your audience! So your creativity and imagination will play an important rule in how will you handle your blog!

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May 3, 2008

Blog Traffic Could Lead To Success

Most of my blogs are still young and still need enhancements and a lot of promotions to be known and be considered successful. Ive been blogging for few months and I realized that updating and promoting blog is not as easy as it sounds. Blog requires a lot of time and effort inorder to be successful. If you have a ton of budget for promotion and can pay someone else to do the hardwork for you, then that is another story, of course. Most bloggers are self-made bloggers, blogging on their own and maintaining their contents mostly by themselves. For blogs that have good amount of visitors, these blogs success surely didnt happen overnight.

Here are some common ways that most bloggers do inorder to improve their rankings and exposure in the world wide web:

Directory Submission. There are plenty of websites that are developed as directories. And with the growing popularity of blogs, a lot of these directories have categories mainly for just blogs. Each blog will be listed in the categories depending on the topic and content of the blog. So if you have a blog, why not submit it to blog directories inorder to expose your blog to more audience. There are a lot of internet surfers who rely in categorized directories to find sites that they are interested in because they usually get more accurate and relevant results.

Search Engine Submission. Can you imagine having a blog about lightings, and everytime internet surfers will enter the keyword lightings in the search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN, you are on top of the list? If there are one million people type the word lightings in a single day, and your website link is on top of the search engine, then the chances that your link being seen and getting click is very very high, if not extremely high. So it is necessary that your blog will be included in the search engine if you dream of having tons of traffic in your blog or site!

Pay Per Click Advertising. I would like to relate Pay Per Click marketing to the phrase: It takes cash to get cash. If there are so many competing websites that are similar to yours, then you might have to take an extra step to stand out in the crowd, by paying for marketing. Just like traditional advertising, you pay for exposing and displaying your business and companies. With Pay Per Click, companies who offer their services post your links or ads to related websites, and everytime a person see your posted ad, click it and go to your website or blog, you pay for such click, so it is like paying every person that enters your gate. A lot of times, Pay Per Click works and give you traffic because your ads will usually be displayed in related websites in mostly noticable and visible locations of the page.

Easier said than done, but if you work hard enough to achieve atleast one of the above methods, you have better chances of gaining traffic in the end, so all the hardwork or cost may be worthwhile.

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March 25, 2008

Branding Using Your Name

There are definitely great advantages of using your name as a brand name, and then eventually use it as a domain name for your company website. One obvious advantage is the branding. Everytime you market your brand, you are marketing yourself. The more you market and expose your brand, the more your name become known and familiar to many. With great exposure of your name as a branding, more and more people will likely become familiar with it, and if you have history of great quality products and/or services, then chances are, people who are familiar with your name/brand will likely try and utilize your new products and services as well.

The only main pitfall of using your name as a branding is that, it will be harder for you to sell your business since you are currently carrying the same name, and if someones else will buy your company or business, then you are more likely to give them the license to use your name as well, if you are selling your business with its current name. Although, the business buyer may change branding or name, but they will have to start from scratch promoting a new brand. When someone will buy your business from you, after purchase, you normally will have less or no longer have any control to the operation and reputation of the company, its operation, and what the company will become. So if you have plan to ever sell your domain name or business later on or in the near future, it would be better if you dont have to sell it with your name as the business name or brand. But if you have no plans to sell your business, then less worry.

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March 1, 2008

Online Business Card That Works Hard

In the offline world, everyone is probably familiar or have seen a business card, one way or the other. Normally a standard business card measures around 2 in x 3.5 in cardboard paper containing your name or business name, contact information, and other data that relates to you or your company.

In the online world, a new way to hand or distribute a business card is EntreCard. Where you will have a space where you can add an image or graphic, a short information regarding your website and what it is all about. And then you will be given a html code that you can post in your site so that other people who already signed up for
Entrecard can drop their Entrecards to yours, to let you know that they were there and you will know where to find them. If you came across any website with EntreCard drop off, then you also have the option to drop off your EntreCard there, so that the site owner will know where to find you.

The great thing about
Entrecard is their point system. You earn point everytime you drop your card. You also earn point when a visitor to your site drops off their card in your EntreCard drop off area. As your points accumulate, you can use these points to buy box ads from other EntreCard owners to invite more traffic to your website. The box ad is your 125x125 EntreCard image which will appear in the EntreCard drop-off area of the particular site where you bought an ad from. Other EntreCard members can also buy ads from you using their points. The more ads you accept to advertise in your website, the more points you earn which in return you can use to buy ads from other EntreCard members. Whatever you do is a win-win-win situation! So why not checkout Entrecard today, to get idea of how it works.

If you are looking to have your EntreCard image
designed and customized, please do not hesitate to contact me too. I do graphics and photos.

NOTE: Entrecard.com was closed later 2012, and is no longer available for blog promotions.

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